Rules at Le Prunet

General regulations

  1. We provide the following material for each angler: 1reception mat, 2 slings, 1 landing net, 1 floating mat (Coral).
  2. ALL material has to be desinfected before ANY contact with the water or the fish.
  3. We will ask a 200€ deposit on arrival. This deposit will be returned at departure.
  4. Please use a discrete biwy or shelter.
  5. Cars should be parked in the parking lot immediatly after unloading.
  6. Don’t throw your cigarette ends on the floor. Use a can.
  7. Make sure you have an insurance to cover you. (civil liability)
  8. Swimming in the lake is strictly forbidden.
  9. Boats as well as bait boats are strictly forbidden.
  10. Keep dogs on the leash. Pick up dog poo please.
  11. It is strictly forbidden to get visitors or leave the premises between 9 pm and 8 am ( you will be expelled from the lake if so)
  12. Shower and toilet are available.
  13. Please respect nature, stay quiet, and keep your swim clean. ( bring your own bin bags)
  14. Make sure your swim is clean when leaving.
  15. Visitors will have to leave the premises at the latest at 9 pm.
  16. People staying with you and not fishing will have to pay 10 euros / 24 h ( including wives and kids over 12 years old)
  17. Fires and BBQs are forbidden on the floor (Please use proper BBQ . Please dispose the cold ashes in a bin bag)
  18. It is strictly forbidden to be drunk on the swim.
  19. It is forbidden to use too much light on your swim and to lighten the water at night.
  20. Please sort out your waste. Instructions given on the premises.
  21. You will be granted your swim as of noon. You will be asked to leave before 11 am.

Angling rules

  1. Fishing is "No kill" and from your marked swim only.
  2. Fishing with maximum 3 rods allowed. 1 line and hook per rod only.
  3. Barbless hooks only (size 4 max) - NO micro barbes!
  4. 30/100 breaking strain nylon line minimum. (10 lbs)
  5. Shockleaders of maximum 45/100 are allowed
  6. Braided lines used as main line, underline or as shock leaders are strictly forbidden. Coated lines or combi rigs are allowed.
  7. Lead cord is forbidden. (Also unleaded cord)
  8. XXL Landing mat compulsory. Please make sure to keep it wet when landing the fish.
  9. Waders are compulsory (1 paire per person)
  10. All pictures should be made in the water !
  11. Landing net and PVC weighing sling compulsory.
  12. Head lamp compulsory.
  13. Seeds must be cooked thoroughly (we will regularly check on that). Peanuts are forbidden.
  14. Tigernuts are not allowed for feeding but may be used as hookbait
  16. If you damage a fish on purpose, you will be expelled from the premises immediately
  17. Some fish are marked with a ring and or a micro ship to be tracked.
  18. Please use carp care kit: it is compulsory (1 per person). Betadine is forbidden.
  19. Wet the fish to take pics please.
  20. Carp bags and retention slings are forbidden, even at night ( Anglers using them will be expelled)
  21. Anglers daring to steal fish will be prosecuted.
  22. Should any angler try to infringe the following rules, he will be expelled and will not be refunded. (neither will he get his 50 euros deposit back) .