Rules at Le Lodge

It is compulsory to :

  1. Wear a life jacket when using a boat.
  2. Use a large landing net.
  3. Use an XXL landing net and make sure it is wet when landing a fish
  4. Use a 30/100 nylon line breaking strain minimum. ( 10 lb)
  5. Use a head lamp
  6. Use a carp care kit.
  7. Barbless hooks ONLY - size 4 maximum
  8. Maximum 3 rods per angler
  9. Please use a biwy next to your rods when night fishing.
  10. Don’t throw cigarette ends on the floor. Use a metal tin.
  11. Make sure you have insurance. ( civil liability)
  12. Sort out your litter. Instructions will be given on arrival.
  13. Please clean your swim and chalet on leaving.
  14. Make sure you regularly wet the fish when taking pictures.
  15. A 200 Euro deposit in cash will be asked on arrival.
  16. The final cleaning is on the customers.

It is forbidden to :

  1. Swim in the lake.
  2. Use markers with line and leads. Only Atropa types are allowed.
  3. Use carp bags or retention slings (if so you will be expelled) . Even at night.
  4. Use braid as main line.
  5. Use peanuts
  6. Make a camp or a BBQ on the floor. Use a proper BBQ. Please dispose of your cold ashes in a bin bag.
  7. Fish with live baits.
  8. Let the dogs into the chalet.
  9. Be drunk on the premises.

Rules and general information:

  1. Arrival on Saturdays 2 pm (meeting point at main entrance of Le Prunet)
  2. Departure at 10 am on Saturdays
  3. Inventory on arrival and departure.
  4. Boats and bait boats allowed.
  5. Light your swim. It is forbidden to light the lake.
  6. Respect nature, be quiet and please use bin bags to keep the area clean.
  7. Dogs are allowed outside the chalet. Please pick up the dog poo.
  8. It is forbidden to get any visitors or leave the premises in the night time from 9 pm to 8 am. If so, you will be excluded.
  9. Please let us know if you wish to welcome visitors prior to their arrival.
  10. Visitors will have to leave before 9 pm.
  11. Fishing is entirely NO KILL.
  12. When fishing, you will have to stay next to your rods. Don’t keep your rods unattended
  13. Please make sure you use thoroughly cooked seeds (we regularly check on that). Peanuts are forbidden.
  14. If you deliberately damage a fish you will be excluded.
  15. Some fish can be tracked thanks to a micro ship.
  16. If you happen to steal a fish you will be sued.
  17. Should you infringe the above rules, you will be expelled and won’t get any refund. ( your deposit will be lost)