This wild venue is about 6.25 acres big and is to be found in a forest of 12.5 acres next to the Prunet Lake ( entry opposite of swim 6 Le Prunet).

Its margins feature reeds. One margin is featuring a forest.

The lake offers the same characteristics as Le Prunet. It a 40 year old gravel pit , with a lot of natural food. You will have to use quality bait and fish very technically to outwit the misses. Gammars, corbicules, crayfish and blood worms are serve as natural food to the fish.


We fished this lake in late autumn for the first time and caught some very wild fish which were fighting very thouroughtly. Most of them were long common carps full of musles and energy typical of Yonne River fish. The average weight is 8 to 12 kg. Mirror carp are short and range from 10 to 14 kg.

We have introduced 30 carps for an average weight of 12 to 20 kilos over the winter most of them weighing 15 to 16 kg. To introduce new blood we have also stocked the lake with Koï carps for an average weight of 2 to 4 kilos.

On this venue, neither cat fish nor poissons chats will be a nuissance as there aren’t any.


As the lake is next to the Prunet lake, you will be able to enjoy all its facilities. Toilets, shower, big army tent for meals in group and for other club meetings and gatherings. Boats and bait boats are allowed too. You will also be able to fish with a pole rod or indulge in feeder fishing. Can be used for catching small carps. Clubs are more than welcome.

Another feature of The Arche Lake: three swims will be given to use exclusively. Whether you turn up alone or in groups (maximum 4 anglers), the lake will be for you and you only.