This lake is to be found at Chemilly sur Yonne in the 89 French department, it is 15 km (23 miles) north of Auxerre. The name of the venue is actually pronounced Carp- Auxerre. It used to be called « étang des 1001 prises » ( « lakes of 1001 catches »). You will reach the lake getting out at junction 19 on the A6. It is 1h30 away from Paris and 2h 30 from Lyon.

For those who love nature, this is a lake that will suit you perfectly. It is 55 acres big and it is bordered with trees and features islands. We have only set up 13 swims on the 50 acres stretch of water of this gravel pit. Carpo’x will enable any carp angler to actually give free way to his fishing techniques. You can either target margins ( the numerous islands are at casting distance) or use a boat for those who like to deposit their rigs neatly. Snags on margins will also please and suit those who like snag fishing.

Stock and fish

This ancient gravel pit which get its waters from the Yonne river stocks some powerful fish. It is 2.5 to 3 meters( 8 ft to 9 ft 10) deep. The setting is calm and you will enjoy the typical diversity of this kind of lake. The fish feed on natural food such as crayfish, snakes, blood worms, gammares and corbicules.

Carpo’x has been a fishing centre since 2007 (it used to be called « étang des 1001 prises »). It has regularly been stocked with fish and currently hosts approximately 800 fish, mostly mirror carps with very specific scales. There are also some wild residents some of them weighing more than 25 kilos.

For those who like catching trophies, we have recently stocked the lake with 50 slightly bigger carps from 15 to 20 kilos ( 33 pounds to 44 pounds). We have also introduced 50 smaller fish but potentially future big ones as they come from the same breed as « l’étang du Prunet » which often makes the cover of carp magazines.


You will find toilets and showers on the premises. You will be welcomed on arrival and you will be given some advise to make your session a memorable one. You just need to do one thing: Get on it and come and visit us.