Rules at Iles3


  1. Maximum 3 rods per angler
  2. one pair of "Waders" per angler
  3. All fish should be photgraphed in the water 
  4. It is obligatory to use the provided materials (landing net, weight sling, landing mat)
  5. Wet the fish when taking pictures
  6. Respect the fishing zones
  7. Only bait within your fishing zone/range
  8. Seeds must be cooked thoroughly (regular checks)
  9. NO KILL fishing
  10. Don't leave your rods unattended when fishing
  11. Use a nylon 30/100 ( 10 lb) minimum line
  12. Use fish friendly rigs with a lead that is coming of easily when the line breaks
  13. Use a head lamp
  14. Use carp care kit
  15. Use barbless hooks; size 4 maximum- NO micro barbe!
  16. Please contact us at all times, when you capture a fish of 62 lbs and above
  17. Park your car on the car park after unloading
  18. Smokers, don’t throw your cigarette ends on the floor; use a can
  19. Have a liability insurance
  20. Clean your swim before leaving
  21. Show and give acces to the pictures of your catches at the end of the stay


  1. Use boat or Zodiac
  2. Use bait boats
  3. Use drône to drop your lines
  4. Use Shockleaders bigger than 50/100e
  5. Braided lines (used as main line, hookline or shock leader) are strictly forbidden. Only Coated lines or combi rigs are allowed.
  6. Use Lead core 
  7. Keep your car on your swim after having unloaded.
  8. Use tigernuts to bait. Tigernuts are only allowed as hook bait
  9. No peanuts !
  10. Swim in the lake
  11. Do not light the lake at night; only use discrete light on your swim
  12. Keep your fish in a bag or retention sling, even overnight ( you will be expelled immediately if so)
  13. Make a BBQ or camp fire on the floor ( use proper BBQ and dispose the cold ashes in a bin bag)
  14. Drink too much alcool 
  15. If you damage a fish, you will be immediately expelled from the lake

Rules and general information

  1. You will be asked a 200€ deposit per angler on arrival.
  2. The arrival time is 12noon
  3. Departure time is between 8am and 11am
  4. Caution: On the day of departure, NO car should leave the parking before 8am ! Please book your ferry transfer accordingly
  5. Respect nature. Stay quiet. Use bin bags.
  6. Keep your dog on a leash. Pick up dog poo.
  7. It is forbidden to leave or enter the lake after 9pm and before 8am
  8. Visitors will have to leave before 9pm, and have to be announced at all times
  9. Any visitors staying overnight will have to pay 10 euros / 24 h including angler’s wife and kids over 12 
  10. Shower and toilet facilities at your disposal
  11. Garbage bins should be dropped in the containers at the entrance
  12. The use of a drône to take pictures or to film will have to be autorized in advance by the owner
  13. Anglers daring to steal fish will be prosecuted.
  14. Should any angler try to infringe the above rules, he will be expelled and will not be refunded (neither will he get his 200€ deposit back)

We keep the right to change the rules according to the development of the lake. Modifications of the rules will not be a reason for reimbursement of the deposit already received.